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tv   New Day  CNN  October 23, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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leading senators on both sides of the aisle say they were surprised to learn how many troops were in west africa. they have said this before many times but never done anything.
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the congresswoman said the niger ambush is, quote, trump's benghazi and is demanding an apology from the white house chief of staff. we have all of this covered for you. joe johns is live at the white house. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. growing question about the ambush that took the lives of four soldiers and the broader mission in niger. congress is expected to hold its n over the heated back and forth over the condolence call to a fallen soldier is's widow. >> the call was a very nice call. i was so nice. >> reporter: president trump refuse to go back down about the nature of his condolence call with the widow of sergeant la david johnson.
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following her criticism of the call, again, calling her wacky. wilson firing back. >> i'm sick of him giving people nicknames. he doesn't want me to give him a nick anymore a. >> reporter: shifting the focus back on the investigation into the ambush in niger that killed johnson and three other soldiers. >> i want people to understand what is actually happening in africa. this is going to be trump's benghazi, trump's niger. >> trump launching latest attacks from his virginia golf club. the congresswoman joined the family in laying sergeant skwrpb son rest saturday. in a new interview he describes his chief of staff's reaction to the congresswoman's rebuke. >> he was so offended that a woman would be -- that somebody would be listening to that call. he actually couldn't believe it. he said to me, sir, this is not
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acceptable. >> wilson said she overheard the call because she was on speaker phone. the congresswoman has known the johnson family for decades. the women of the congressional black caucus to apologize that she bragged about securing funding for the fbi build anything 2015. >> even for somebody that empty a barrel is stunned. >> reporter: calling kelly's comments blatant lies. >> not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the american people. when he lied on me, he lied to them. and i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: the backlash after sarah sanders cautioned reporters on over questioning kelly's remarks. >> if you want to get into a debate with a four star marine general, i think that that's
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something highly inappropriate. >> reporter: the niger attack leading lawmakers to question the u.s. military's involvement in the african nation. >> i didn't know there was 1,000 troops in niger. do you have tell us more. >> reporter: senator john mccain mocking president trump for avoiding the draft during the vietnam war, obtaining five defermentsings including one for medical reasons. >> we drafted the lowest income level of america, and the highest income level found a doctor that would say they had a bone spur. >> reporter: the pointed attack after the president called into question mccain's status as a war hero during the campaign.
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today the president is expected to award the congressional medal of honor to a vietnam veteran credited with saving the lives of 60 personnel during four days of intense fighting in 1970. it's not clear if the president intends to address the media today. chris and alisyn, back to you. >> joe, appreciate. let's discuss and bring in our panel. david drucker and a.b. stoddard. two senators admitted they didn't know the scope or they didn't know anything about niger. it is unclear. listen to this moment yesterday. >> i can say this to the families. they were there to defend america. i didn't know there was 1,000 troops in niger. john mccain is right to say because this is an endless war without boundaries, you've got to tell us more. >> you heard senator graham there. he didn't know we had 1,000 troops in niger. did you? >> no, i did not. >> how is this possible? how can two leading senators not know what's going on.
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they haven't renewed the authorization for war. so what is this? >> well, on the one hand, there are operations ongoing in many parts of the world that i'm sure that at any given moment members of congress that should be briefed, senior leadership aren't aware of on. is there a system in place where they listen to get them up to speed at periodic levels so they're aware of what's happening. they they not lost under lives, and we don't know what led to the ambush, why they weren't prepared, would lindsey graham, john mccain, know we have 1,000 troops in niger? >> no. >> so there is probably a good reason why general mattis wants 1,000 troops in niger. in my talking to members of
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congress who follow this closely, they are aware the battle field extended to parts of africa for a long time. we have troops scattered all over the place specifically for these reasons to catch these plots before they can metastasize. they need to keep congress informed. one of these days it will blow back on everybody and cause a major problem. >> the truth of why the senators don't know if they ignored their responsibility for use of use. that's why we are acting on one from 2001. does anybody really care. do you think that congress will be held to account for what happens with military? >> no. chris, think of how many members in the house particularly have been elected since this last happened in 2002. most have never voted for something they can call war. also think about how much the
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terms of battle have changed what senator graham is talking about is this metastasized war against terror that goes at different speeds, most of the time in covert ways. it is no longer these ground occupations where we know exactly how many people we're sending in and a date certain that we will start pulling them out. in afghanistan and iraq this isn't happening anymore. they should at least know exactly what's going on in those countries even if the public doesn't. how our resources are being spent, what operations are and why they are necessary. the expert committees like the senate armed services committee, that john mccain would have to invite under threat of subpoena
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the secretary of defense to be briefing him about the first time is truly stunning. and we will see a lot of heat in the weeks to come about what kind of mission we're on, why the congress doesn't know. part of this is on them. they refused to take up a vote for aumf. despite a few sponsors like senator mccain who talked about the need for it, if you ask them privately, no one wants to sign up for that. >> let's look at what happened the last time authorization or use of military force was debated at a robust level. president obama went to congress. whatever people think about his waffling on syria, he said i will act if you give me fresh authority. you have hawkish republicans saying something needs to be done. i don't trust president obama. or democrats, members of his own party saying i trust the president's leadership but i'm not sure how i feel about
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granting more authority to the executive branch to carry out more action. so it became really a matter of political polarization and political football. this has not been protected from the rise of political tribalism we have seen on capitol hill. they don't want to accept that some of it will be on them. so they blame the president they don't trust. >> one of the few areas the left and right have come together. in congress they made an agreement. i will never plame you, mr. republican or mr. democrat, about us punting. >> is it that explicit? >> it has to be. if they really cared, this is all they would be talking about. you have four families whose kids were killed out there. yes, they were fathers and brothers and they were cared for by so many.
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but they didn't know what was going on over there. they say they're going to debate it. >> look, i think you look at the comparison frederica wilson made to benghazi which is different how most democrats would look at it. they never thought that should be laying at obama's feet. >> that was about as deceptive explanation of what happened. we don't know what the explanation is. >> that's correct. but the hearings that one could call on capitol hill to fully explore this, it is available to the congressional committees. they have not yet seized on it. i don't think they will. >> all right. so let's talk about john mccain, a.b. he was out this weekend talking about but not saying president trump's name but talking about wealthy young men who during the vietnam war got draft referrals for suspect medical reasons or
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any reasons. listen to what john mccain says. >> one aspect of the conflict, but the way, that i will never, ever count is that we drafted the lowest income level of america and the highest income level found a doctor that would say they had a bone spur. that is wrong. that is wrong. if we're going to ask every american to serve, every american should serve. >> bone spur is awfully specific because that is what donald trump then used to avoid being drafted. when he was asked in 2015, he couldn't remember which foot the bone spur was in. his campaign later said both feet. so that is john mccain taking a swipe at president trump. no other way to say it. >> alisyn, this is personal. and i think that john mccain
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held his fire after he was insult indeed 2015 saying, why do you get to be a hero if you're captured? i like people who aren't captured. he stayed silent. and i think he was trying very hard to hope that the president would succeed and really held his fire through this year. i think a lot of peek are speculating that he feels liberated because he is facing cancer, a difficult cancer. i think he has looked at the last nine months and like senator corker is very concerned about the foreign policy and national security posture of this administration. so the insults he's received are
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coming back to trump and he's not trying to hide it at all. >> thank you both very much for the perspective. >> president trump is promising the biggest tax cuts ever. is that true? will democrats support this tax plan? bob casey talked taxes with the president last week and joins us live next. whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...
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the senate armed services committee will hold first congressional hearings on a deadly ambush that killed four u.s. soldiers in niger. this comes as top senators say they didn't know 1,000 american troops were in the african nation. joining us is senator casey of pennsylvania. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> always a pleasure. did you know how many men and women were on the ground in niger and what they were doing? >> i did not. >> the four sargts, sergeant black, sergeant wright and two sergeant johnsons lost their lives, i think there is a lot of work that both parties and both
4:20 am
branches of government need to do, not only to stay more informed but to focus on why we are there. we have a lot of work to do. >> what do you make of the intention that this was inevitable that congress has weighed in on military strategy. it has been happening president after president. they are happy for you to punt the ball to them. this is what happens when you don't debate aumf. you have people in places you don't know about, that you don't understand. when you find out, it's too late. >> it's true, chris. i called for aumf back in the obama years. none of us are focused enough on finally just getting a debate. just a announcement that the foreign realizes committee will formally take up on the debate even as armed services is is examining the niger tragedy.
4:21 am
>> you think it happens? >> i think the debate will happen. my question for leader mcconnell, and this is not just to talk about a republican leader, this has been going on for years. mitch mccouple has been majority leader for 15, 16, 17 now. in all of those years he's never had any floor time. this shouldn't just be foreign relations committee. it should be a debate on the senate floor. at least for a couple of weeks or a number of days and then have a vote at the end of it. >> especially when you have your big names, right? whether it's graham or schumer saying they didn't know what was going on. president obama put them in niger in 2013. did schumer forget? this seems to be one of the only areas where you agree. you both want to be protected from accountability when american blood is spilled
4:22 am
abroad. >> no question we should have the debate and a vote. i will say with regard to this incident and briefing, i think it is is incumbent upon the administration to provide regular briefings. they do come over and give classified briefings. but the latest ones have been on north korea, iran and appropriately so on big issues like that. it is critically important if there is an operation under way, there has to be a much better briefing process. >> and you have to be calling for it. because why would they burden themselves. >> i agree. >> the inflammatory assertion that this is trump's benghazi, how can that be at this point? >> well, look in the years when the so-called benghazi was debated i think republicans were completely unfair to the administration. and often what republicans said in those years was in conflict with what really happened there. we saw that not just in the
4:23 am
hearings, in the grilling of then secretary clinton. but when you looked at the facts. i'm not going to make a judgment about one verses the other. that is impossible to do. >> as long as you let the facts lead, you wind up in the right place. we will monitor these very carefully on that level. taxes. is this the biggest tax cut ever? >> i don't know. it is is to give to the crisp. i said that to the president the other day. i want it to be about the middle class, did he say that to you some. >> he didn't necessarily say you're wrong. oh, no, we want middleclass tax
4:24 am
cut. in year one, $146,000 tax cut to the top 1%. for the top .1%, 747,000. how do they get to it being a middle class tax cut? >> i don't know. they're claiming this unified proposals they are saying all of this will be taken care of. i am highly skeptical of that. >> it is a $4,000 pay raise for middleclass families. is that true? >> not true. in the early years the rich get a bonanza, more than 5-1. something in the order of 8-1. the middle gets maybe 2%. and then over time, senate arld
4:25 am
budget tells us that in 10 years the top 1% will get 80% of the entire tax cut. >> trickles down. leads to growth. will drive the economy. all of this in spending 1 plus trillion dollars will be netted out. do you accept that? >> i don't accept that. we already had the experiment. president he reaganing president bush told us 12 years that would happen. it led to the greatest deficit probably in american history. >> president obama raised tags and had big fat deficits. which way works better? >> president bush gave us the same thing about tax cuts lead to go growth and it didn't. we're in the fork of the road. >> if it stays the way it is, where are the democrats? >> i don't think there will be much support at all.
4:26 am
i could never support what they have proposed so far. when you look at the data and the numbers, a lot of other groups that spend their lives examining this, it's a giveaway. >> senator casey, push for the debate on the aumf. you go in to serve. this is a great way to stand up and be measured. >> you're right. >> spher, be well. alisyn. >> the women of the congressional black caucus say the president should apologize to frederica wilson immediately. oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes.
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the women of the congressional black caucus are calling on president trump's chief of staff to apologize to wilson for false claims. he recounted a story claiming wilson patted herself on the back for funding of an fbi building. >> the congresswoman stood up and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise stood up there in all of that and talked about how she
4:31 am
was instrumental in getting the funding for that building and how she took care of her con speufp wentz and she called up president obama and he gave $20 million to build the building. and she sat down. we were stunned. stunned that she had done it. even for someone that is that empty a bell, we were stunned. >> okay. but the video is of that building dedication ceremony that's been posted by a florida newspaper captures wilson about getting congressional and presidential approval to name the building for fallen fbi agents but not the funding. >> everyone said that's impossible. it takes at least eight months to a year to complete the process to the house, the senate, and the president's office. i said i'm a school principal.
4:32 am
i said, oh, hell no. we're going to get this done. and guess what, the president signed the bill into law this past tuesday, april 7th, 2015 with a bang, bang, bang! >> joining me now are two members of the congressional black caucus. what specifically do you want from john kelly? what do you want him to say? >> well, he needs to apologize. first of all, he was in error he did not tell the truth. he knows how even te if he thought he had told the truth that he hasn't. she serves her constituents.
4:33 am
she serves on the local level, the state level. now in congress. he for him to try to demean her character and her integrity in this way is absolutely unacceptable. >> so congresswoman leave, if chief of staff john kelly said my memory failed me, sorry is, that's enough? >> first of all, let me offer good morning. let me offer my sympathy to the families of sergeants john john, johnson, wright, and black, they are the most important in all of this. there is room for apologies from all in the administration from communications director sanders, from general kelly who is a friend and i know particularly when he led the southern command, and from the president of the united states. the key here is really being
4:34 am
accused of listening in to the condolence call from president trump. she wasn't listening in. she was part of the family in the family car on the way to receive the body. that should be clear. the second thing is people need to understand what the command is all about. i understand it because i was in congress when we, the koplgzal black caucus and others, advocated for the establishment when charles taylor was brutalizing and killing his citizens in liberia. sit a very important command and should not have been made light of stphrfplt did you know there were 1,000 u.s. troops in niger? >> i didn't know the specifics but i knew since congresswoman wilson and myself were the first delegation to go into nigeria after they were taken to bring back the girls, i knew that boko
4:35 am
haram had joined isil. in that area of niger, nigeria, chad, all in that area, trying to set up another caliphate, if you will, and therefore the africa command was standing up. what should be note sd all the individual that unfortunately died, were sergeants. they were obviously doing some different kind of mission. that's why this ridiculous back and forth is untimely, unseemly. and, yes, she should be given app apology first of all, because general kelly is a gold star member and he has the right to speak about his loss and he did eloquently and i'm sure he had he was brought to tears. and then he had to defend his
4:36 am
president. the idea that general kelly had to lower himself and it was completely refuted. it puts everyone in the barrel. congresswoman wilson deserves an apology. the president owes her an apology. the military owes the united states congress, the house of representatives, a full classified briefing on the actions in that region. we can't go any longer without knowing what's going on. i think she is owed an in-depth apology. one of the reasons of course is she is part of the family and represents the family in their feeling an insult in the words of president trump. he was not comforting at all. >> press secretary sarah sanders said getting into a debate with
4:37 am
a four star marine general is highly inappropriate. what do you think about those comments? >> well, i think it was highly inappropriate for her to say that. first of all, she should know better. secondly, he is not above questioning. he is a political servant. i certainly appreciate all that he has done in the military. we honor that. we honor his family and all the families who have been affected by this recent attack in niger. but he is not above questioning. he stood at the white house podium. he is not press secretary. he is chief of staff. if he thought that it was his responsibility to do it and he was going to get out and put himself out there and make that statement, then he should respond to the questions.
4:38 am
>> i want to ask you about the politicization of the phone call to sergeant johnson's family. obviously president trump started this saying he didn't believe president obama made these phone calls. do you think she bears some of the responsibility? yes, she was privy, but she didn't need talk about it or publicize the details of that private phone call. >> you don't know how hurt the family was. we need to recall the facts. sergeant johnson's body was not found for two days. the initial report i believe came out that three soldiers lost their lives is and one was
4:39 am
still missing. he was found a mile away from the firefight, vicious firefight. as i understand it it was very difficult and the family for that time period and as well they were not able to review remains. so many gold star families and those in other wars understand the pain. congresswoman wilson was considered a family member. she might have been speaking, maybe the family could not speak about how hurt they were about the words that president trump said. i don't think she was doing it to politicize. she was doing it to convey the pain of the family. and the mother indicated she felt disrespected by the president, she and her husband. and we will hear from the mother at some point, the wife at some
4:40 am
point. and people share with you what they felt. i think what congresswoman wilson did was give the family voice where the family could not at that time, so broken as they were, could not speak publicly. >> any moment we will hear from sergeant johnson's wife, from his widow. she is speaking out this morning. we will play all of that for everyone momentarily. congresswoman lee, congresswoman add always, thank you for your perspective. >> good to be with you, alisyn. >> good to be with you, too. >> good to be with you. president trump spoke about her death on the campaign trail for months. we are finally at the trial stage for the undocumented immigrant accused of murdering kate steinle. that happens today. will this trial have larger political meaning? the answer has to be yes. what should it mean? we debate it next. tripadvisor now searches over...
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4:45 am
francisco pier. c >> reporter: the bullet struck her as she took a stroll with her father. >> this is pure evil. >> reporter: a 32-year-old with a big smile and contagious laugh. >> kate was an amazing soul. everyone knew she was very special. >> translator: i am not guilty. >> reporter: two years later, he had been deported to mexico five times and is just going to trial. in a case that helped bring the term sanctuary city to the forefront. >> my administration is launching a nationwide crackdown on sanctuary cities. >> reporter: president trump and conservatives used the case as a rallying cry. the bill known as kate's law hung up in the senate when it enhanced those immigrants
4:46 am
reentering the u.s. >> the u.s. suffered a self-inflicted wound. >> reporter: he was a seven-time convicted felon. he would have been deported for a sixth time but san francisco does not honor federal detention requests and let him go. he was homeless. he said he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt. he admitted to the shooting but claims it was an accident. defense experts claiming the bullet ricocheted off the ground. >> this is not the way you would try to shoot someone. you can't ricochet off surfaces and try to hit somebody. you aim the gun at the person and shoot them. >> reporter: but the prosecution charging him with second-degree murder contends it was no accident. now it is up to a jury to decide in a case that will once again reignite the volatile debate over the country's immigration laws and sanctuary cities.
4:47 am
anxiety is gripping a tampa, florida neighborhood with fear office a possible serial killer on the loose. interim police chief said three murders over the past two weeks are connected. all three victims shot alone at night within blocks of each other. investigators releasing this surveillance video of a person of interest as they look for leads. but right now they have no were suspects and no motive. dramatic testimony expected in army sergeant bo bergdahl, held captive by the taliban for five years. he pled guilty to deserting his post. bergdahl could face life in prison. it is official. justin timberlake will head the super bowl halftime show. in 2004 he shared the stage with
4:48 am
janet jackson during her infamous wardrobe malfunction on live television. she re-bains banned from the halftime show. how does that work? >> i don't get it. >> it doesn't milwaukee any accepts. >> if anything, he would be banned as the grabber. >> he ripped the shirt. >> let's assume they were e in cahoots. just to understand this, she can't be banned. maybe she's not available. maybe they just didndidn't invi. >> that would be complete injustice. we will make sure that stands. >> super bowl committee, nfl, let us know. don't cause yourself undue criticism. nearly two dozen nfl players continue to kneel during the national anthem.
4:49 am
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in the face of continuing criticism from president trump, nearly two dozen nfl players protested during the national anthem on sunday. some kneeling, others remaining seated on the bench. but all of them protesting different things, usually racial inequality in america. the nba's all-time leading scorer is kareem abdul-jabbar. and he believes that a shift has occurred in sports and entertainment. he says never has he been more proud to be part of the athletic community. and he joins us now. kareem abdul-jabbar, he's got a new book for young readers called, "becoming kareem: growing up on and off the court." it will be released next month. big man, always a pleasure to have you.
4:54 am
all right, so let's get after it. you could argue that the president is winning this fight with the nfl. people believe you must respect the flag. protest, you have the right, but do it the right way. and that these guys are doing it the wrong way, because they are dishonoring the flag and therefore the troops and all the things it stands for. your take? >> well, my take on it is that the players are not dishonoring the flag or their country. they are trying to hold america up to the standards that it has declared to be how we deal with these things. so when they see young kids being shot down in the street, this bothers them. the reason that lebron james had so much to say about the death of young tamir rice is because lebron is a parent. that could have been his son. the other members, the cleveland browns players that stepped forward. they were parents. they weren't doing this in some political fashion. this is something they're concerned about. their families and the direction
4:55 am
that our country is taking. and they have to make a statement about it. i think it's great. sports has always been a vehicle for protest. we can start with jackie robinson. you know, the fact that he started plague may force people to think, we believe do these people deserve to be on the field. >> but you've been outspoken your sbrentire career. >> yes. >> how you do it matters. i will grant you, it is unfair to say, these guys are rich guys, they have nothing to worry about. by and large, overall, with some exceptions, they come from the same communities from where we are witnessing injustices. so that's unfair. but how you do it could be fair criticism. >> exactly. >> you didn't do it during the national anthem at the games. you went out, you came on shows like this, you wrote very thoughtful things, you did it with your behavior, you held press conferences. they could do that. >> well, you know, that's what i'm talking about. the change that you mentioned earlier has to do with the fact that the younger athletes now are seeing how these things have
4:56 am
worked in the past. i'm thinking now of the university of missouri football team and they affected change and did it in a way it wasn't about their anger. it was about the issue that was a real issue that they wanted to speak about. so i think the most crucial aspect of this is for anyone who wants to make a statement to make sure it's not about anger and about the issue. and when people see that, they'll get over the fact that they were using this moment to make their protest. because their protests are valid. >> the protest is valid, but again, i'm going to circle back to the how. the president often watches the show. he says you have no left hand. no, i'm kidding. but he just tweeted about what's happening. and he tweeted, two dozen nfl players continue to kneel during the national anthem, showing total disrespect to our flag and country. no leadership in nfl. your response? >> i think that the nfl players'
4:57 am
association and the players who are doing these demonstrations are going out of their way to convey their righteous anger and concern over issues. the fact -- >> do you think they're doing it the right way? >> i think they -- i don't think they're doing it. a destructive way. and i think people are twisting the issue, because they don't want to talk about the fact that young black americans are being shot down. >> but you're giving them an easy out. are you giving critics of the protest an easy out. because they don't have to discuss the issue, because they can discuss how your protesting. if you were in the league, what would you do during the national anthem right now? >> i was in the league and i wanted to make a statement about that, i would get my pen and my pad out and make that type of statement. some of these guys really have -- don't understand how to voice their concern and this is an ongoing process for them.
4:58 am
>> all right. two other things i want to talk to you about. the first -- actually, they're both positive. the first one is that you're being honored by the statue of liberty, ellis island foundation this week. >> yes, sir. >> why >> why? >> why? because in 1917 is when my father emigrated to new york. they took a boat from trinidad and went to panama city, belize city, mobile, alabama, and took the train from mobile to new york city. they arrived in mobile april 19th, 1917. so my family has been here 100 years. >> how does that make you see your history? >> i'm very happy and proud to be an american and to be the second generation, you know, from my grandparents' arrival in this country. i'm so proud of it and we're going to have a great time. i'm also going to be at gabrielle's angel ball.
4:59 am
they raise money for cancer issues. >> now, i want to talk about your connection to that. because to those who have become a student of you off the court, especially, you are a study in contrast. when people look at you, your size, your strength, your grace, and yet you have been fighting illness yourself in a way that most people do not know. tell us. >> in 2018, i was diagnosed with chron chron chronic myloid leukemia and i have been waging a battle for my life ever since then. i'm very fortunate that medical science has given us the opportunity to treat this disease and i'm one of the beneficiaries. i'm very happy about that. >> your message has always been consistent. you talk about difficulties, you do it openly and plainly, but you always believe that there is hope for better. whether it's about health, what happens on the court, or what happens in society. >> yeah. i mean, we have to go to the light. we can't go to the dark side of things. we've got to go to the light. and there's so much -- so many
5:00 am
good things that are happening. like in my life, i've just been appointed to the adl's -- to the antidefamation league's mentoring program, where we're going to work with some of these athletes through the adl and hopefully coach them and show them the most effective ways of, you know, making a protest and making the statements that they want to make in the right way. >> i encourage people to read your op-ed and the upcoming book will be in my house. that's for sure. big man, always a pleasure. >> nice talking to you, chris. there's a lot of news going on on this monday morning. what do you say? let's get after it. >> when she made that statement, i thought it was sickening, actually. >> this is going to be trump's benghazi. >> i don't want to see the death of americans turned into some sensationalized partisan fight. >> we don't know exactly where we're at in the world militarily and what we're


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